Mr. Jeevan. Adavapache

Mr. Jeevan is basically from Garadolli village belongs to Haliyal block and Karwar district. He was living with 3 brothers & mother, one elder sister. He is not disabled by birth. His life is so beautiful and he was having lot of dreams towards family & his own carrier, but the incident which happened in 2011 was ruin his life and burned his dreams. In the year 2011 he was traveled with full of joy & happiness along with his sister who was pregnant. But after sometime the bus met an accident with an auto. Unfortunately his pregnant sister was injured harshly and she had met spot death. And Mr. Jeevan also injured and lost his left hand in that accident. His family disturbed very much and lost happiness by this incident.

BEFORE INTRODUCTION OF WWS: Mr. Jeevan had lot of aspiration to accomplish the goals in his life. Which make him to feel proud about life. He was ambitious person; he was good will to serve for society through taking tuition classes for poor children in Haliyal. But life very crucial makes him to think about life and to motivate him to work. So Mr. Jeevan starts work in Book stall for 3000/- rupees salary and he had wandered lot for livelihood, but his effort had gone waste.

Mr. JEEVAN GET KNOWS ABOUT APD: The day which created a beautiful opportunity to WWS to meet a person who lives for to do good things to society. The place was chosen by WWS for organized village exposure camp for social work students at his place. So this day might have a golden opportunity to Jeevan and his family. Mr. Jeevan enjoyed his participation in this camp and he understood WWS, Its functions by our social work students. They afford brief introduction about APD & its importance in disable sector. So as our team proud he was get joined to training for 2 months regarding retail. Today we are happy and proud to share Mr. Jeevan is so much luckiest person who placed in Relies mall in Bangalore nearby Banashankari. He is enjoying life with 10,000 rupees remuneration at retail mall. With the support of APD, WWS took initiative to help many others like Mr. Jeevan.