Smt. Laxmi. Lakkappa. Pujeri

Beneficiary Name: Smt. Laxmi. Lakkappa. Pujeri
Beneficiary No: 12 Date: 06/10/2015
Benefited Under Swadhar Greh
WWS Hidkal Dam

Case summary: Smt. Laxmi. Lakkappa Pujeri is a married woman. She was registered case on 6/10/2015 due to tortured given by drunkard husband. She was residence of Maladinni village Hukkeri Block. She was loved with boy & get married, but the love is not alive today. She was treated very badly with husband and physically tortured by him. So these all reason she met and requested to provide staying facility at Swadhar.

Smt. Laxmi is having a 1 year old male child and her age is 25 and she have completed PU 1st year. She belongs to Uppar caste. Till marriage both were very happy. After marriage he started to take drinks and problems were raised between them. After registration of case family counseling has done to both and they have given lot of suggestions to both couple. But the adjustment never takes place between them. So she refused to stay along with husband.
But the 1year old child suffering from jaundice & died due to lack of care and treatment. Again family counseling centre called them for group counseling but she was not ready to go with husband. So that the women’s Welfare Society thought that her life and livelihood they have educated to her about APD and training for livelihood. During this time APD also seeking the disabled youths for livelihood program. This Laxmi also find disability of deafness with 75%. So the WWS made her to participate selection process for livelihood training. Due to deafness and education she was selected and get trained in retail section.

Today Smt. Laxmi is working in KFC Company with 14000 /- Salary. This is one of the successful efforts with the help of APD and WWS. Today she is inculcating modern things; she is getting fluency in computer and using social Medias. Today she is communicating to all WWS staff & sharing her experience, she was not able to speak in phone but today she is used to chat in English through using whatsapp, and other social Medias. This is what we are extending service to the community people.

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